Community Food Program

We’re helping the fight against Child Hunger.

Community Food Program

How We Help Feed Hungry Children

THE 3000 CLUB, located in Phoenix, AZ distributes fresh fruits and vegetables to needy people in Arizona. Children’s Cancer Aid and Research Institute networks with the 3000 Club to promote the prevention of childhood cancer through people eating a healthy diet that is predominately fruits and vegetables. Thousands of pounds of fruits and vegetables are donated to domestic individuals in the Phoenix area. Scientific research concludes that the best diet for preventing cancer is one that is low in fat and high in vegetables and fruit. Overall, one-third of the most common heart disease problems can be prevented.

We Feed

Feed God's Hungry Children through regular feeding programs and by providing vital and nutritious food in high – risk and impoverished neighborhoods.

We Educate

Educate impoverished children and their families through our partnership with Gethsemani Food Ministry, and by providing educational materials related to nutrition.

We Serve

Serve impoverished communities through humanitarian aid distribution, education, feeding programs and spiritual enrichment.

1 in 3

children suffers from stunted growth

due to hunger and malnutrition

1.5 Million

Children Go To Sleep

not having eaten a thing all day,


Can Feed 500

in the US, or up to 5,000 meals overseas.

Everyday We Help Children Live A Better Life.

Feed God's Hungry Children reaches out to hurting children and their families all over the world by providing food, clothing, and spiritual education. You can be a part of helping and healing these forgotten and hurting children.


With Feed God’s Hungry Children, your donation is used wisely to help children around the world.

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Your tax-deductible gift will support sustainable solutions to ending childhood hunger.

Every $1 you give can provide up to 5 meals in the U.S and over 50 meals overseas. We count on generous donations from donors like.

125 Meals


Your gift of $25 will provide 125 meals to hungry children in the U.S. or 1,250 meals overseas.

500 Meals


Your gift of $100 will provide 500 meals to hungry children in the U.S. or 5,000 meals overseas.

2,500 Meals


Your gift of $500 will provide 2,500 meals to hungry children in the U.S. or 25,000 meals overseas.

5,000 Meals


Your gift of $1,000 will provide 5,000 meals to hungry children in the U.S. or 50,000 meals overseas.

Feeds 8,000 Families


Your gift of $5,000 will provide one meal to 8,000 starving families in the U.S. or 80,000 meals overseas